This year’s 2013 Visual Communications graduate exhibition will be showcasing the best works coming out of the University of Newcastle. It is a celebration of our student’s growth in becoming passionate, conceptual, and creative thinkers.

The exhibition will demonstrate the diverse skills of the 2013 graduating students with works from a wide variety of media such as Publication and Print Design, Typography, Web Design, Photography, Illustration, Information Design, and more.

Don’t miss your chance to see a diverse display of the finest works from a new generation of local creative talent.

Holly Farrell
Alana Tomlin
Brandon Biddle

Hanging & Curation:
Holly Farrell
Fin Neil
Brandon Biddle

Graphic Designer:
Sean Dunlop

Web Designer & Developer:
Douglas Giffney

Special Thanks:
Roger Dunstan
Alison Smith
Herbert Heinrich
Stuart McDonald
Ben Mitchell
Elyse Beisser
Jennifer Todd
Gillean Shaw

Record Keeper:
Tim Moad

Time Keeper:
Sean Bell