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I am a firm believer in designing by hand before

moving onto digital construction.

I am a firm believer in designing by hand before moving onto digital construction.

‘Bellissima’ was designed for my parents and their new boat named Bellissima.

It was created to exhibit my illustration skills along with my interest in branding and creating an identity.

I thought a deck-of-cards was an appropriate way to create a personalised product for their new boat.

I have a particular interest in illustration, motion and branding and would love to one day find a job that incorporates all three of these areas in some way. My design style varies from geometric and symmetrical to loose and flowy. I am a firm believer in designing by hand before getting onto digital construction. As Marc Jacobs says, “Lets do what we love, and do a lot of it.”

Playing Cards Mock-Up 06
Playing Cards Mock-Up 03

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