transit (n.) tran •sit


1.    An act, process, or instance
of change in situation

2.    Conveyance of persons or things
from one place to another


We are not at an end, nor a beginning.
This exhibition represents our moving forward,
and our growth from where we started.
Change is in our past; change is our future.

The Visual Communication Design
graduating class of 2019 welcomes you
to the accompaniment website to Transit.


Here, faces can be put to names,
and favourite past projects can be showcased.
Best of all, this website offers the opportunity
to get to know us a little better through
the bios on each profile.

Simply click on a student to begin.





This year, our exhibition will be held in
University House, located on the
corner of King and Auckland Street.
Our exhibition can be found
on the ground floor, via the
Auckland Street main entrance.

Admission to our opening night
will be staggered, as per the following:

Friends & Family of
Graduating Students

Industry Guests

Official Opening of Festival X

Alex Mcvey

Sophie Freeman

Amie Gargan

Kelsey Gooden

Anneka Mitchell

Sophie Sharbine

Samuel Chopping

Maddison Adams

Luke Ylias

Kari Van Hoesel

Theresa Smith

Jedidiah Cranfield

Yasmin Ruddy

Kate Maslen

Navia Gruber

Harrison Cromarty

Sophie Nilssen

Indiya Agnew-Crawford

Haojie Sun

Grace Barnes

Eliza Munro

Claire Turner

Katelyn Kirk

Lily Hamann

Natalie Webster

Cade White

Samantha Sullivan

Chelsea Haggett

Daniel Radakovic

Emily Bell

Chloe Thomlinson

True Davidson

Bronte Talbot

Liam Hare

Bea  King

Julia Moore

Jemima Batts

Jasmine Fletcher

Ebony Williams-Smith

Lawson Moore

Sarah Wheeler

Sarah Cumming

Amber Sherwood

Tara Ainsworth

Jacqueline Tucker

Lauren Kirk