I am passionate and positive creative whom believes in
design that is driven by purpose. As a visual communicator, with a particular interest in branding, editorial design and illustration, I love watching the transformative effect that meaningful design can have in bringing simple ideas to life. Embracing a conscious lifestyle, I seek to collabrate with like-minded businesses and brands that give back and focus on doing good in the world. When I’m not staring ‘lovingly’ at pixel on my computer screen, you can usually find me visiting local markets, patting stray cats or trying to remember the last time I (meaning my boyfriend) watered our plants.

Who inspires you as a designer?

There are two inspiring women that stand out to me; Tess Guinery and Keira Mason – both of whom are creativies. These women enlighten me with their tenacity about creative growth, whilst reminding me the imperativeness of being present, knowing when to slow down, and when to create rather than living to a mindless schedule and unattainable expectations.
More importantly, both women encourage me to continue growing, thriving, creating and connecting with people that also mirror our same passion in their chosen field.

Describe your creative process in one sentence.

Lets’s just say it’s not always cups of tea and fun tunes,
sometimes it’s a whole lot of hustle and actually allowing myself to be susceptible to what’s around me for uttermost self-expression.

What are your go-to fonts?

At the moment Canvas, Utopia and Avenir, but consistent favourites are Abril, Baskerville and Mr Eaves.