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I’ve always been really interested in design, but it wasn’t until undertaking the course that I have, that I realised just how much I loved it. I can’t wait to get out into the workforce in this industry and hopefully make my way into brand design. I’m so excited for what’s to come and can’t wait for it!


Who inspires you as a designer?

The designer that inspires me is Jasmine Dowling.
I initially saw her work back in first year when completing an assignment in typography. She inspires me as she is a young, ambiguous, self built, successful Australian designer and I hope one day to reach her level of success and have my designs just as widely recognised.


Describe your creative process in one sentence.

My creative process is messy and random to explain to another, but makes sense to me and gets the job done!


What are your go-to fonts?

My go to fonts are Helvetica, Avenir and American
Typewriter. I’ve come a long way from Comic Sans MS Haha.