๐Ÿ“ทย @graphicsbyliam




Design interests me because it is universal. The process of solving everyday issues is never-ending which means there is always a platform to explore creativity in a logical fashion. Helping others create visual identities appeals to me because of how important branding is to embodying an agency or business. Service design, particularly user experience is fun because it explores the different factors involved when realising an idea.


Who inspires you as a designer?

The De Stijl art movement has informed my practice through abstraction and universality by reducing graphic elements to the essentials of form and colour. By simplifying visual compositions to vertical and horizontal, using only black, white and primary colours, it has informed my
minimalist design approach.


Describe your creative process in one sentence.

Brainstorms ideas every single day until you procrastinate yourself into a good one!


What are your go-to fonts?

Mont, Alte Haas Grostek, Bukhari Script, Zing Rust, Roboto.