The life goal that I could die happy after achieving, is to be a part of the next major Art and Crafts movement, even if I need to channel William Morris and start it myself. There is beauty in the hand-made, a level of heart and quality that can’t be replicated in mass production, and my interest as
a designer, and a person, is to replicate this and encourage others to also see and embrace it with open arms.


Who inspires you as a designer?

Me. That probably sounds narcissistic, and of course I have artists and designers other than myself who I admire and/or look up too, but I’ve always found that the moment I start to let someone else’s work inspire me, it starts looking less like my work and more like theirs. I don’t believe I could sleep well at night knowing that I’ve lied to a client and myself about the style of my work if I did this.


Describe your creative process in one sentence.

Break everything down, every project is merely little
projects/tasks all smashed together; breaking down the brief – project – research – project – planning – project – etc.


What are your go-to fonts?

I don’t really have any fonts that I would say I couldn’t live without, however I couldn’t live without reasonably small serif fonts like Bell MT or Cormorant Medium or Vollkorn.