Hey, I’m an illustrator who dabbles in design. I want to work in comics, and I’ve had a go at making games. I am inspired by webcomics, cartoons, and D&D, but my biggest source of inspiration is sci-fi. I love stories and theories about new technologies, and listen, space is really cool.


Who inspires you as a designer?

Mad Rupert – Author and artist of the webcomic Sakana. She made some really helpful minicomics giving advice for creating good looking comics. Game Developers – Games need to be designed so that if it looks like you can do something, you should be able to do it.
I like to keep that in mind.


Describe your creative process in one sentence.

Be gay, be sad, get shit done.


What are your go-to fonts?

None? At the moment I’m using Hind Siliguri for most of my body text, but I’ll find a new one soon. In my opinion no font is perfect, and you can always find a better one.