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From a young age drawing was a way to be creative and it was just a thing I did, as did so many other kids. But I liked it too much to stop. I’m a firm believer that an image is able to bridge ideas, emotions, stories and information to people
and show people something they haven’t seen yet.

I like that quite a lot.


Who inspires you as a designer?

Many illustrators such as Pat Perry, Shaun Tan, Freya Hartas, Owen Gent, Hannah Jacobs, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Joanna Concejo, particularly for the way they use surrealism. Their illustrations are often quite realistic but twist it by using juxtaposition, metaphors, contrasts, blending
perspectives and size, they’re freaks in the best way.


Describe your creative process in one sentence.

Thinking, chewing on ideas, research, drawing, talking, listening, waiting, walking, chewing on food, drawing more and following it through to the end.


What are your go-to fonts?

I like Raleway, Avenir is a classic, and lately Prohibition.