Evoking the Five Tangible Senses Through Print Media Design

I am looking at the status and potential of print design through the creation of a series of print artefacts that use sensory metaphors of the five tangible senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, to explore key aspects of print media.
Each sense is a part of a research framework, and associated with the corresponding print media concepts:

  • Sight can reflect the way we most commonly apprehend print media, and explores how the senses interrelate.
  • Smell can evoke the materials of a printed object, therefore I am connecting it with the production of print media.
  • Sound can correspond with the noise created by flicking through paper, exploring how the creation of paper can raise issues of sustainability.
  • Taste depicts the wider markets trends of current print media.
  • Touch explores the haptic, usability of print.

My overall objective is to use approaches from multi-sensory design to create multi-sensory print artefacts.