Almost Invisible:
How might Service Design Transform an Experience in Aged Care?

According to Victor Margolin, the power of design lies within the process that gives coherence to ideas.  Since the industrial revolution we’ve applied this powerful process to mass-produced items, but can this process be applied to social issues to improve human experiences?

ALMOST INVISIBLE is an exploration of using the design process to transform an experience.  Design research has been the heart of this project, focusing on understanding the story from the perspective of clients and key staff and stakeholders from the service provider.

I have synthesised tools and techniques using information gleaned from books, journals, industry practitioners and my own experiences. These include co-design and generative workshops, roleplay (or informance) as a tool for fostering empathy and the visualisation of research through mapping.

What you will see is the manifestation of the process I explored, with artefacts as evidence of the almost invisible process that lies beneath the surface.