Relieving Stress and Anxiety: a UX Design perspective

Stress and anxiety are a part of everyday life; they cause our natural response of ‘fight’ or ‘flight’. However, when the hormones and chemicals which cause these responses are experienced for an extended period of time it can have serious negative effects, both physical and mental.

My project is concerned with providing university students with tools and exercises to both cope with and better understand their stress and anxiety. Ultimately I aim to motivate a behaviour change in the way in which students respond to this situation and allow them to react in a healthier way.

I am employing a User Experience Design perspective to this project, in that I will be designing for the user’s needs and behaviours in order to provide them with the best experience possible.

“Design is concerned with how things work, how they are controlled, and the nature of the interaction between people and technology. When done well, the results are brilliant, pleasurable products. When done badly, the products are unusable, leading to great frustration and irritation.” (Norman, 2013)

This project encapsulates the area of design I am deeply interested in, UX design, and includes my desire to solve problems and utilising design methods to help people.