Waste Erase

Herbert Simon stated that the role of the designer is to “devise courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones”.

Despite being a self-confessed lover of social change, this project was originally considered as a chance to investigate product placement, psychology and consumer behaviour, with the aim of creating some form of speculative product. However as my research progressed, I began to acknowledge and embrace the possibility of investigating the problem with product placement and consumerism. For instance, Australians discard one in five bags of food ($1,036) per household every year- equalling $8 billion dollars nationwide- primarily as a result of over consumerism.

Waste Erase is the answer to this problem- A campaign which aims to inspire and encourage active change through a promotional starter kit and mobile app. With everything from seedlings to budgeting tools, Waste Erase provides a more socially conscious, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective future.